Genesis Medical Microdermabrasion

Genesis medical microdermabrasion is the most powerful and clinically effective system on the market today. The disposable crystals are suctioned onto the skin and buff away the surface skin allowing fresher, clearer skin to show through.
It is one of the top and most booked aesthetic treatments due to the superb instant results, the ease of the procedure and the longer term skin benefits. It is an ideal treatment for:
Fine lines and wrinkles, 
Sun damaged skin
Acne damage
Scarred or pitted skin
Blackheads or whiteheads
The treatment is non invasive and can be used on the face, neck,  and back. It also helps improve and boost new collagen production and is frequently alternated with a medical peel. Please contact us for medical microdermabrasion - it is a safe and excellent skin treatment with long lasting benefits.